Essential Oils

Essential Oil Collections

Smaller bottles of essential oils nestled in a nest of hay & petals. "Duos"-a pair of oils packaged in a brown kraft block-bottom bag; "Anthologies"-6 bottles packaged in a brown kraft gift box


the products in the “hygieia’s perfumes” range are aroma products designed to promote particular desirable emotional &

physiological states & to reduce undesirable states.

the range includes aroma rollers for use on the body & aroma sprays for your home & other environments where you need the scented support of NATURE’S healing gifts.

Aroma Rollers

pocket sized roller applicators full of pure plant-based restoratives. carefully selected aromatic essential oils in a base of grapeseed oil.

Aroma Sprays

Heavenly aromatic water with essential oils in a spritzer bottle. Spray around your home, on your clothes & bedding & as a body spray.

Aromatic Waters