• Having taken tetracyclines (Sumycin®, Panmycin®, Vibramycin®,Minocin®, etc.) or other antibiotics for acne for 1 month (or longer).

  • Having taken other "broad spectrum" antibiotics for respiratory, urinary or other infections for 2 months or longer, or for shorter periods 4 or more times in a 1-year span.

  • Having taken a broad spectrum antibiotic drug - even for one period.

  • Having been bothered, at any time in your life by persistent prostatitis, vaginitis, or other problems affecting your reproductive organs

  • Pregnancy.

  • Having taken birth control pill.

  • Having taken prednisone, Decadron®, or other cortisone-type drugs by mouth or inhalation.

  • Exposure to perfumes, insecticides, fabric shop odors, or other chemicals provoke mild, moderate or severe symptoms.

  • Having had athlete’s foot, ringworm, "jock itch" or other chronic fungus infections of the skin or nails.

  • Reduced immune function-due to prolonged severe stress

  • Low production of pancreatic enzymes &/or hydrochloric acid

  • Initial organism infestation-parasites, bacteria, yeasts