Candida appears to generate allergies & chemical sensitivities. Moulds are often toxic & are associated with an increased level of toxic polyamines which damage the gut wall, resulting in increased permeability of the gut lining.

The aetiology is often very lengthy with multiple associated conditions which contribute to the eventual overgrowth of the candida mould/yeast. The overgrowth mainly affects the small intestine & is often associated with allergies, depression & chronic fatigue syndrome.

Possible associated causative factors include:-

  • Reduced immune function-due to prolonged severe stress

  • Low production of pancreatic enzymes &/or hydrochloric acid

  • Initial organism infestation-parasites, bacteria, yeasts

  • Oral contraceptives

  • Anti-biotic medication

  • Environmental chemicals

  • Damp climate

  • Nutritional deficiency


Treatment involves:-

  • A restriction diet which starves the mould

  • Anti-fungal herbs

  • High potency probiotics to redress the imbalance in the gut flora/fauna

  • Improving elimination, liver function & gut cleansing

  • Supporting immune function

  • Repair of gut wall



  • Probiotics 1-10 billion cultures daily minimum. Multiple strains including acidophilus and bifidobacter. Take between meals.

  • Digestive enzymes. Take between meals.

  • Raw garlic-3 cloves daily with food. Chop small/crush, leave for 10mins then swallow straight down immediately with water at mealtimes. Not be to be taken on an empty stomach. Reduce dose if irritation occurs.

  • Fractionated coconut oil (or caprylic acid). Up to 2 Tablespoons per day with food.


Also possibly:-


  • L-histadine 500mg daily for hypochlorhydria (low HCL)



Slippery Elm Powder may be useful, particularly when healing the gut wall.


“Die off” or the Herxheimer Reaction may begin after 3-4 days of treatment with potential symptoms of head-ache, insomnia, sweats, irritability, arthralgia. There may be skin rashes and itching – homeopathic remedies Nux Vom and Sulphur are indicated. Symptoms may last for up to one week, usually less. After this phase there will likely be an increase in vitality & an ongoing reduction in the initial candida symptoms, although cravings will almost certainly persist.