Aromatic WAters

Pure, highly therapeutic waters, presenting the divine, lighter essence of aromatic plants. Balanced, safe & effective, aromatic waters have been used for centuries for their wholesome action.

Aromatic waters are a gentle, balanced way of using the therapeutic constituents of whole plants .

 Unlike hydrosols or floral waters they are not a by-product of another process.

They are created by slow water  distillation and retain the volatile oil and water soluble components  of the plants.

Less harsh than essential oils , more well rounded than infusions & tinctures, they are, unless otherwise specified, safe for use internally & externally & safe for children.



 Taken internally, the  standard adult dose is 10ml three times a day, either  drunk neat or in water.

They can be added to many foods & drinks .


Externally they may be sprayed onto the face & body, used as washes & compresses, added to creams, lotions, baths, clay masks, facial steams & mouthwashes.


Stored in dark glass bottles in a cool, dark place, average shelf life is 18 months.

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