Emotional Freedom Collage Workshop

Emotional Freedom Collage Workshop

SUNDAY 8TH AUGUST   10am - 1pm


Are there areas of your life where you would like more clarity?

Would you like to expand your emotional freedom? 

Are there specific areas of relationship, with self or others where you experience a lack of self expression?

Do you have decisions to make around your work or other life choices?


Wouldn't it be great to have clear communication from your super-conscious? Emotional Freedom for Collaging gives you an access to that wisdom - a means to tap into innate knowledge and guidance.


Join us for a three hour workshop with Lydia Lee and me, Lesley Hoyle. 

Lydia is an experienced Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and graphic designer who will lead you through the process of collaging to access your answers.  During the workshop we will each create a unique collage and Lydia will support us in "reading" the message we have brought to light, offering additional insights from her experience in practice.


Each participant will also have a unique plant medicine recommended for them based upon the issues that they are working with, as well as an ebook of traditional plants used for clearing energy blockages, and how to incorporate them into your life.


You will receive the ebook within 24hrs of registering for the workshop and your specific plant medicine recommendation within 48hrs of completing the workshop.

A Zoom link will be emailed to you 2 hrs before the start time of the 10am workshop.

There is also an optional pre- and post-workshop 20min phone call with Lydia.


Please bring these items to the workshop with you:

- a selection of images from magazines/photocopies etc (with no words)

- scissors and/or scalpel and cutting mat and a ruler

- Pritt stick (or similar)

- coloured pens/pencils/paints

- A4/A5 piece of card

- you may want to have a candle safely lit during the workshop