Rosa damascena

This heavenly organic rose water is a traditional treatment for all skin types,

especially mature, dry & sensitive - a splendid treatment for all irritated, inflamed conditions.

Use undiluted as a cooling, soothing, hydrating & astringent skin tonic or add to

                   for face masks, creams & other skin care bases.

A tonic for the heart & spirits, it soothes grief, bereavement, depression,

resentment, jealousy and nervous anxiety.

Internally it is tonic for the liver & female reproductive system & balances female hormones.

It makes an makes an excellent eyewash & facial spritz for staying hydrated on plane journeys, 

for general cooling & hydrating or combine with Rose Geranium Aromatic Water for hot flushes.

 It can be used liberally externally & internally

up to 60ml per day internally in mineral water or other drinks or food.

Use in           calling for rosewater.

Do NOT use during the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

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