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Sophiology offers an exciting program of workshops & courses throughout the year, using seasonal harvests, celebrating the cycle of the year & harnessing the wonderful benefits of plants to enhance our health & our homes, to treat or prevent common aliments & to deepen the pleasure of our everyday rituals such as eating, bathing & sleeping . 

Prices for all workshops & courses are inclusive of materials for creating your own bespoke products & of light refreshments.

Workshops are held in the biophilic salon in our shop at

Victoria Forge, Windermere.

Booking is essential - book your place        

or phone to book your place.

Sophiology runs 3 series of workshops:-


Designed to give you the knowledge & confidence to create your own natural products. Remedies, skincare, homewares, gifts, food & drink-learn to make all of these from easily identified wild & garden plants, store cupboard staples & more exotic, ethically sourced natural ingredients. An inspirational series which will leave you proficient in techniques for naturally enhancing all areas of your life.

See below or         for dates, prices & more information.


Explore the wide range of natural options for supporting health & well-being.

Each workshop in the series investigates a specific area of health & looks at appropriate remedies including food & drink, herbal medicine, essential oils & life-style/environmental factors which can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Includes making your own simple remedies & identifying factors to avoid with an awareness

of interactions with other medications (both natural & synthetic) & other health conditions.

See below or         for dates, prices & more information.


Beautiful & joyful workshops, reaping the benefits of natural seasonal produce to create food & drink, remedies & decorations which celebrate the turning of the seasons.

Use the therapeutic & aromatic cycle of botanical offerings to deepen your knowledge & appreciation of the treasure trove of nature & discover the myths & traditions associated with our native wild plants & festivals.

See below or         for dates, prices & more information.


Art of Natural Health

25th March 2019

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13th May 2019

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24th June 2019

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9th September 2019

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14th OCtOber 2019

Herbs for Health

Seasonal Celebration

11th February 2019

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